Our Farm


When you come to Barkwell's, be prepared to stay a while. Customers make their selections while strolling through our 5+ acre farm. We have 15 greenhouses, a perennial house, water plant conservatory, fish stock tanks, and three ponds. We also have a bird aviary, chicken coop and garden store, as well as display gardens.

Barkwell Farm is owned and operated by Steve and Donna Barkwell, your local horticultural professionals.

We offer top quality annuals and perennials, shrubs and trees, poinsettias, pond plants and fish, finches, and farm-fresh eggs.

We also have a great selection of pots, fountains, trellises and arbors, home and garden furniture and accessories, and seasonal decorations for Halloween and Christmas.

Bring in your pots and baskets to have them professionally planted to fit your sun exposure. Pick them up in May when the weather permits.

Hours of Operation

We are open March through December. Our hours change throughout the year in order to take full advantage of the 4 seasons.

Please visit our home page for current hours.